Monday, May 31, 2010

A beautiful insight

So Sunday was a really nice day. There was morning service and we learned about raising up, lifting up, looking up and standing up for the Lord, Than after service we celebrated Earnies 8th birthday! I really enjoyed the fellowship and had fun watching the kids run around. Afterwards Zay and I picked up Tony and they shot some hoops while i stayed in the car since I was way to hot in what I was wearing (it was 72 degrees today!!) And than we got my friend Rachel and went to night service. Afterwards Tony Zay and I went on the river and went smelting, (tiny little fish that are only in town for a day). When we were getting ready to go the the boat harbor it seemed like it wanted to rain. After a little bit of prayer and a positive attitude we went out on Zay's new boat, which made it such a nice ride compared to last year :)

While riding along I was listening to my music and this song came on and it said "Don't close your eyes. This is your life and today is all you got now, and today is all you ever have. Don't close your eyes, this is your life, ARE YOU WHO YOU WANT TO BE?" And after a little more prayer for it to clear up some more and than listening to this song, sunlight just hit my eyes and I blinked, there was a whole in the cloud and the sun was shining through, just a little to the side there was sunlight beams through other parts of the clouds and I just sat that so amazed at the beauty of it. I almost wanted to cry. The Lord is so good to me, he is so merciful and just looking at the light and looking up at the clouds above us, I was just so amazed, he made everything around us and we don't thank him enough for it. I felt so small beneath those clouds but at the same time I felt so much bigger, because the Lord cares about me and he loves me. I have never had a feeling like this. And I have to say, it was a wonderful experience.

We are never guaranteed tomorrow, we only have today, are we who we want to be?? Are we who we really want to be, instead of just another clone of todays society? The rest of that boat ride to where we were dipping I just looked at the sky and thanked the Lord for everything he had done for me. He gave me such a beautiful day and an appreciation of something I once hated. Bethel is such a beautiful place and I have grown to love it here.

Are you someone that is so caught up in everyday things that you have forgotten to stop and smell the flowers?? I use to be, busy everyday not really paying attention to things, takeing for granted what I had. But today I was ale to find beauty and love in something so small as just some sunshine through the clouds. Bethel has transformed me so much these past 3 years and I wouldnt give it up for anything.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So I haven't posted in a while because I have been really busy. So for those that don't know and would like to know what's been going on. This has what my past two months have been.

April- I was never home, I spent the whole month practically in town because at 8:00-9:00 AM I was going to school, from 9 AM until 4 PM I am in school, than I went to work at about 4:20, than until 8:30 or so (depending on if it's Wednesday or not) I work at the hospital. After I get off work, i either go to Isaiah's and hang out with him and some friends, or I go to Brandon's. At 11:30 or so I go over to Brandon's if not already there and from then until 8 AM I am babysitting for him. It's not hard since she's already sleeping, I just have to help her get dressed in the morning. I did that schedual the whole month almost. The last weekend of April/ first weekend of May I had to dog sit. That was kinda fun too.

May- Isaiah, being so awesome!, helped me clean up the whole house before my family came home. On Monday, both my brothers, my sister-in-law and my grandparents all came back with my parents. They spent the week here. May 7th was my parents anni. party, and that was really stressful!! just ask Isaiah... Than my family left on the 8th. The rest of the month has been speeding by so fast with school, senior graduating and all late work being due, This past weekend we had Ladies Retreat, where I was unfortunatly really sick most the time and didn't get to really enjoy it like I was hoping to. And now, today is Tuesday, I have been studying for finals and taking them, right now I have passed all the ones that I've taken. Really hoping this streak will continue. Lord help me there please! And on Friday, I will be extremly happy because that will e the last day of school for me!!

So that is about what all I have been doing, time has just been flying by and I have been really busy, really looking forward to my first actual day of sleeping in for summer, before I have to go back to work.. So until I have some more time to post. I will talk to you guys later :)