Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what to do?

So this summer sems like it may be a very very busy summer if everything happens...

First- There is the ANSEP academy that I would love to go to so I can get a head start on some classes before nursing, BUT it interfers with family camp....I want to ask them if they will let me leave for 4 or 5 days but I'm not so sure they will.

Second- Theres family camp and convention! I really want to go and it would be such a true blessing to me and my spiritual walk!

Third- I was invited to something certain in July that I will probs discuss more later on.

Fourth- My little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters is leaveing and moving back to Hawaii, I am for sure going to spend some time with her before I leave, but heres the tricky question, when am I leaving?

Fifth- A friend of mom and I invited me to be his assistant for a company he works for, it would be a month long tour through Washington and Oregon. But thats only if it actually happens(you know how the economy is right now) and if I do that, he will be able to let me go to the certain event in July.

Sixth- If all else fails, I get to work here in Bethel for the summer, or go traveling and see some friends and family before I start my senior year.

Now that I have said all that, I should say how my summer would look if everything happens...
End of May, after school gets out, I would go to the academy (maybe, hopefully go to family camp) than get back close to 4th of July, maybe have 4th of July here, maybe not. Than early July I will go down to California to help our friend Gary out and travel with him for a month, meanwhile going to that special event in late July, than in early August I will come back to Alaska and get ready for school. Is it me or does that sound like a busy summer?

Now, this is all depending on everything happens and it happens how I want it to, but we know the Lord and how he tests us at times, So I wonder what to do if I get accepted to the academy but can't go to camp, should I just go to camp and forget the academy or go to the academy and say "hey, there will be camp again next year" ? and who knows if I actually will end up going to help Gary out. Lord, I just want your will to be done, show me what you want me to do this summer please!

Well time for church so talk to you later!

Sick :(

Well I am now officially sick! Went to bed last night with a slight sore throat and woke up this morning with a stuffed nosed, slight head-ache, sore throat that I cant speak with, and an achy body. I was even kind of looking forward to going to school today to! I can't even talk, it hurts to much, and everyone that knows me, knows I like to talk.... a lot :P lol Thinking though, I might try go to work a little later since they let me leave early the past few days, or I might just call my boss and tell her I can't come in. Everyone in my office has been getting sick so I think she will understand.

Well I am going to take a hot HOT hot bath and hope my hurting body likes it, and my swollen throat glands will go down. Lord I hope I can make it to church tonight! Pray for me please!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I guess I am officially starting a blogger type Although right now I'm not to sure about what to blog... :(

Hmm, lets see if I can come up with somthing.
Well today is Tuesday and it's almost 7th hour! So I get to go to work soon! yay!. and umm, I got to talk to Bekka (SP) for a little bit today so that made me happy :) Also I was told something special about school and how they have the quarters and semesters set up, it was such a relief to hear that! I feel so much better now that I'm not so stressed out about school!

My friend Nonni and I made a Childrens book for class, maybe I'll be able to show it off a little bit later on. Anyone wanting to hear about Patrick the penguin and how he didn't listen? lol ok well I think this will be good for a first time blog. What you think?

So until whenever I guess... Bye!