Friday, January 28, 2011

So much has gone on since i last blogged that i dont even know where to start! soooo...Lets see, Nothing really happened in October, made Zay a laptop shaped cake and surprised him with it, Novermber I turned 19 and went to Idaho for a couple days to do wedding things, December, well of course Christmas is in that month and I got zay a hoodie that has the giants on it, the # 11 for the year we're getting married and Peter on it since thats his last name :) He got me a really cool phone (my new toy!) And now it is January and well...hmm, the K300 happened last week and I was involved with that, checked mushers in for the Akiak dash at -60 degree weather, enjoyed having a musher stay at our house with his wonderful family! Oh yeah late Dec. and early Jan. Zay and I went to washington ans spent a week with Rebekah and her fun family, The trip really was to short, we had so much fun, staying up late playing games, talking, Bek, Alana and I got to go look at dresses for them. (So fun!!) and I got to eat some really awesome food that I feel like i am still trying to lose the weight from...or was it the chocolate I ate there? lol anyways we had a blast there, got some premarital counseling in also and that was fun, I feel like I have been so blessed. The Lord is just amazing with what he does for us, even if there are two vehicles not working and it is a slight pain.... but cant stress over things we cant change so. Its almost 5 months until the wedding and I am getting nervous, I still have so much to do, and since I am an indecisive bride also...well you get the idea lol. I will try to remember to blog more often though and let people know how wedding planning is. If i fail i won1t!! :P

so until whenever, Sare