Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time to update

I haven't posted since June! And as we all know a lot can happen in a week let alone a month, so here was my July.

I went to Anchorage with my parents and had fun with them, got the pictures that Megan and Micah took before family camp and than tried to get my room clean before I was to leave for down states. Which never fully got done and that is now on my to-do list before school starts in a couple of weeks. YIKES!

I got th enjoy a really good time down in Washington first, flew out of Bethel the night flight and got to Washington that morning, was picked up by Jacob Doran and went to see my awesome friend, and my boyfriends sister, which I had not seen in a year! It was so much fun!! spending time with the kids and and hanging out with Bek was so much fun! It's like she's the sister I never had, caring and supportive and gives advice when its needed, and great at teaching me how to make non dairy meals(zay can't have milk ):

Bek and I also got to go thrift store shopping and that was so fun! While she tried to figure out my style (which is kinda confusing lol) we got to just chat and laugh about things, and of course Alana was there to be silly and make me laugh more :)

Than we also had to finish packing for the 12 to 13 hour drive we had the next day to Montana!! So with packing and showering and a little bit of cleaning we were going to try to get a few hours of sleep before trying to leave at 7 am, well we ended up waking up at 7 am instead of leaving, but we got ourselves together and the kids and got them loaded up! and around 8:45 we headed out of Sedro Wooly WA. to go see zay's family for his grandparents 60th anni. (such a long time!) The trip was so fun, listening to music and stories and talking, we laughed and learned more about each other while we all sweated together through the hot lands of WA. (the suburban had no AC) We had windows down most the time and I got this awesome "farmers tan", as Matt called it, on one arm.

We also got to have SONIC!!! I was a happy girl :P I never knew there was a sonic in Idaho...and all those years of living there...I'm dissapointed... lol So anyways,We got to Montana after seeing some really beautiful lands and a really big lake. and I got to spend the rest of the weekend, Friday-Monday in Montana with Zay's family, meeting them, celebrating his grandparents 60th, fellowship and something that felt so wonderful on a horribly hot day...tubing down the river!! It was such a blast!!

But unfortunatly all good thigns must come to an end and at 4:30 Tuesday morning Zay and I left for the airport to go back home. I was flying standby so I didn't know if I would even be able to make any of the flights for sure, let alone sit by zay on any of them, but the Lord was so good to me and I was able to get on the flights AND sit by zay, it made the flights fo much better. :)

Well this is getting almost horribly and boringly (is that a word?) long so I will stop and tell you more about whats been going on since June. :)

Until when ever,
Sare :)


Rebekah Doran said...

It was not boring at all! I loved reading ever word of it. So glad that you were able to come down. Good times. I know that it made my Grandma very happy to see you making friends with Jesse. Love you!

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